forever dreamer?
Hello pinky!
A week of vacation ended... was fast, I didn't even notice it's started...
Been sleeping... mostly, walking and thinking... anyways I feel much much better..
I'm not falling into depressions, not crying about my so called life, and even I don't feel useless anymore..
Why? I don't know... every time I see the things the way they should be, I feel like I don't belong here..
Happy couples, families...career... so what? I don't have a boyfriend, or a family, kids... and I guess I'm not even ready for that... If I still didn't found anyone that special, then the time will come later..or not... No one knows their destiny.. and if we've given a clue... I really want to go to astrology master, somehow I don't really believe that he'll tell a tiny bit of truth, I wanna know.. maybe the signs,something will show the right way.. guide me somewhere where I'll find myself...?

But that's a bit scary, go to a person who will see your future... maybe he'll be able to see something that ur hiding? Your thoughts, sins... shameless... that's scary...?

Always hiding behind the shield... trying to pretend it didn't hurt...being brave, strong...

Life goes on, in solitude again, but nothing is forever, for now I'll just waste some time of my precious life..
I just need to find myself yet...